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Heat Shrink Wrap 7 MIL UVI

SW Series Boat & Transportation Wrap, Premium Heat Shrink Film


• Premium grade formulation polyethylene heat shrink film
• Mil thickness: 7 MIL
• Color: White opaque, Blue opaque
• Boat shrink wrap contains 12 month UVI Protection
• Consistent mil thickness throughout film
• Excellent bonding characteristics
• Weather resistant shrink poly sheeting
• Mold & mildew resistant plastic
• Reduces airborne silica exposure
• Non-Flame Retardant Shrink Wrap (Non-FR)


• Shrink wrap tightens & conforms to any structure
• Creates a seamless weather-tight cover
• Protects boats & storage assets from wind, rain, snow
• Provides a containment for construction dust & debris
• Allows sunlight to transmit through
• Easy to patch and repair
• Used to cover boats, equipment & other assets
• Used to cover scaffolding during construction

Product Overview

Eagle Heat Shrink Wrap is a premium grade polyethylene film formulated to shrink and conform to any structure when direct heat is applied. Shrink Wrap 7 MIL is most commonly used as boat wrap, transportation wrap, and packaging/storage wrap, scaffolding enclosures, abatement covers and marine containment. Eagle Shrink Wrap is well known in the market place for its high bonding characteristics, consistent quality and shrinkablilty. Our film is made from only the highest quality raw materials and virgin resins. Shrink wrap accessories include poly seam tape, polyester strapping cord, adhesive spray glue, zipper access doors, heat guns and heat torches. All shrink wrap rolls are tightly packaged into durable boxes with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All shrink wrap materials are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


• Marine boat shrink wrap
• Transportation wrap
• Equipment wrap
• Packaging & material handling wrap
• Industrial plant maintenance wrap
• Scaffolding containment wrap
• Weather protection enclosure wrap
• Construction abatement wrap
• Marine ship repair containment

Stock Sizes

7 MIL20' x 100'White12 month UVISW7-20100-WHT20 rolls per pallet
7 MIL32' x 100'White12 month UVISW7-32100-WHT16 rolls per pallet
7 MIL40' x 150'White12 month UVISW7-40150-WHT9 rolls per pallet
2" Double Sided Cloth Tape2" x 75'NaturalA-TAPEC224 per case36 cases per pallet (864)
2" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL2" x 180'WhiteA-TAPE224 per case36 cases per pallet (864)
4" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL4" x 180'WhiteA-TAPE412 per case36 cases per pallet (432)
6" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL6" x 180'WhiteA-TAPE68 per case36 cases per pallet (288)
4" White Poly Tape 9 MIL PREMIUM4" x 180'WhiteA-TAPE4-P912 per case36 cases per pallet (432)
3/4" Heavy Duty Polyester Strapping3/4" x 1640'WhiteA-STRAP34HD4 per case24 cases per pallet (96)
3/4" Heavy Duty Polyester Strapping FR3/4" x 1500'White/Red LineA-STRAP34HD-FR2 per case16 cases per pallet (32)
Adhesive Spray Glue 10 oz. canNaturalA-SPRAY12 per case72 cases per pallet (864)
Zipper Door Heavy Duty Clear Vinyl 54" x 72" Clear VinylA-ZIP54721 eachN/A
Heat Shrink Gun 998 200,000 BTUN/AA-SHRINKGUN1 eachN/A
Heat Shrink Torch300,000 BTUN/AA-SHRINKTORCH1 eachN/A