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Hand Sanitizer 1 Gallon Bottle

HS Series Sanitizing Solution Ethanol 80% High Grade

Product Flyer


• 1 Gallon Bottle
• Liquid based hand sanitizer solution
• 80% Ethanol formula
• Alcohol antiseptic
• Non-sterile solution
• Topical solution
• Flammable, keep away from heat or flame
• CDC Recommended
• FDA/WHO Approved Formula 80% Ethanol
• Ingredients: Ethanol, Water, Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide

• Case Qty: 4/cs
• Pallet Qty: 48 cs/skid, 192 bottles
• Truck Qty: 26 skids, 4,992 bottles

• Bottle Neck: 38mm–400 thread with 10-1/2" dip tube
• May be used with matching pump, dispenser, sprayers


• Hand & surface sanitizer solution
• Helps reduce the spread of bacteria, germs, disease, viruses
• Kills 99% of germs
• Instant soap-free hand cleanser that requires no rinsing off
• Non-sticky liquid substance
• Dries off quickly and ensures proper hygiene
• Portable sanitizer liquid, more accessible than sinks and handwash stations

Product Overview

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid based, soap free cleanser used to ensure proper hygiene and reduce the spread of bacteria, germs, disease, and viruses. The emergence of COVID-19 has created global awareness to the risks and health concerns of spreading pathogens and viral infections. Practicing hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to reduce the contact spread of possible germs and microbes. Hand Sanitizer Solution is a liquid-based alcohol solution made from 80% Ethanol, 18% Purified Water, 1.45% Glycerin, 0.55% Hydrogen Peroxide. This topical solution is an easy to use, portable method of hand cleansing and requires no need for soap, water, or handwash sinks. For more information on Hand Sanitizer Solutions, please refers to the WHO and CDC recommendations and best practices for alcohol-based hand sanitation and hygiene.

WHO = World Health Organization
CDC = Center For Disease Control & Prevention
FDA = Food and Drug Administration
COVID-19 = Coronavirus Disease 2019


• Use for hand & general surface sanitizer cleaning
• Construction and Industrial Jobsites
• Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
• Grocery Stores, Banks, Retail Centers
• Bars and Restaurants
• Food Service Facilities
• Schools and Offices
• City and State Municipalities
• Events and Festivals


32 oz. Bottle (946 mL80% Ethanol12/cs52 cs/skid, 624 bottles26 pallets12" x 14" x 11"25 lbs.HS-32OZ
1 Gallon Bottle (3.78L)80% Ethanol4/cs48 cs/skid, 192 bottles26 pallets12" x 12" x 12"30 lbs.HS-1GAL
300 Gallon Tote Bulk80% EthanolN/A1 Skid mount tote IBC20 palletsN/AN/AHS-300GAL
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