Snap Hook Clips

Product Description

• Zinc-plated steel snap hook clips

• Also known as "carabiner snap hooks"

• Push gate in to open, auto-close spring gate allows for easy open & close

• Size: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"

• Wide mouth clips available in 5/16"

• Rust resistant & corrosion resistant

• Used as rigging hardware to install containment tarps, screens, debris netting and other enclosures

• Galvanized cable, clamps, turnbuckles, shackles are also available

Stock Sizes

Snap Hook Clip Zinc-Plated 5/16" H-CLIP516400 Per Case818205022259
Snap Hook Clip Zinc-Plated 5/16" Wide OpenH-CLIP516W400 Per Case818205022266
Snap Hook Clip Zinc-Plated 3/8" H-CLIP38250 Per Case818205022242
Snap Hook Clip Zinc-Plated 7/16" H-CLIP716100 Per Case818205022273
Snap Hook Clip Zinc-Plated 1/2" H-CLIP12100 Per Case818205022235