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Coated Airbag Tarps

AIR Series Silicone Coated Nylon Containment Tarp

Product Sheet Reverse Overlap Roll & Pinch


• Tightly woven 420 denier nylon fabric with a silicone coating
• Mil thickness: 12 mil
• Fabric weight: 6.0 oz/sqyd
• Perimeter edges include 2" webbing, double stitching & grommets
• Internal seams include include 2" webbing, double stitching & grommets
• Corners are sewn & reinforced for add durability
• Sewn overlaps are available for joining tarps together for containment
• Airbag nylon colors varies upon availability
• Flame Retardant (FR), meets FMVSS 302 Test
• Reduces airborne silica exposure
• Industrial grade containment tarp
• Custom sizes are made to order


• Impermeable coated fabric
• Contains dust, debris, overspray and waste
• Fabric is lightweight and flexible
• Tear resistant
• Provides a negative pressure containment
• Approved SSPC Class 1A Containment
• Quality custom fabrication workmanship
• Made in USA
• Available in Flame Retardant

Product Overview

Coated Airbag tarps are most commonly used as 100% containment for industrial paint overspray, abrasive blasting, lead abatement, fireproofing overspray and general construction applications. Coated airbag tarps are made from high strength woven nylon fabric with a silicone coating for impermeability. Airbag tarps include 2" heavy duty reinforced webbing and rust proof grommets. These tarps include internal center seams with additional webbing and grommets down the middle of the tarp for maximum attachment points. Airbag tarps may include reverse overlaps, opposite-side overlaps, or same-side overlaps on the outer edges for secured containment. Reverse overlaps can be described as "male and female” edges which allow to securely join two tarp panels together creating a seal for the containment or enclosure. Opposite-side and Same-side overlaps allow the installer to achieve a "roll-and-pinch technique" either inside or outside the contained area. All airbag tarps are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards. All airbags tarps are constructed to meet SSPC Class 1A containment standards.


• Industrial containment tarp
• Abrasive blasting & industrial paint overspray
• Abatement enclosures
• Water tower containment
• Storage tank containment
• Marine ship repair containment
• Fireproofing overspray
• Construction dust & debris control

Stock Sizes

20' x 100'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-201001 each
30' x 100'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-301001 each
30' x 50'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-30501 each
35' x 50'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-35501 each
40' x 60'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-40601 each
50' x 50'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-50501 each
60' x 40'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-60401 each
100' x 15'420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-100151 each
Custom Tarp420 DenierVaries upon availabilitySiliconeAIR-00001 each
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