Cargo Lifting Net

CLN Series Certified Heavy Cargo Netting



• High tenacity knotless polypropylene netting
• 4 reinforced loops at each corner
• Nylon rope border designed to draw corners together
creating a safe and balanced lift
• Heavy duty rope net design
• 11' x 11' cargo net = 6,000 lb. capacity
• 20' x 20' cargo net = 4,000 lb. capacity
• 4 point lifting sling = 6,800 lb. capacity


• Certified cargo lifting net
• Improves efficiency of loading and unloading
• Allows materials to be hoisted vertically
• Netting is tear and abrasion resistant
• Resistant to mildew and chemicals
• Highly durable
• Reusable
• Easy to use and store away

Product Overview

Cargo Lifting Nets are designed to load and transport cargo and heavy materials. On construction sites, cargo nets are used to hoist materials and equipment to higher access points. Cargo Nets are made from strong high tenacity polypropylene mesh with 4 point reinforced loops and nylon rope border. Cargo nets are highly resistant to abrasion, lightweight, and resistant to moisture and chemicals. The 4 loops are built with 6" diameter opening for secure attachment of hooks, sling, or chain bridle. The loops are extra reinforced to support the strength of the load. Nylon rope is woven around the border of the net. When lifted, the rope draws the corners of the net to a gathering point above the load providing a safe and balanced lift. Cargo Nets are ideal for transporting material in construction, industrial, freight and material handling applications .

Do not lift cargo netting with any tears, rips, or product deficiencies. Do not lift above workers, pedestrians, or active working areas. Always lift using a certified crane and operator. Never lift above the specified load capacity and always inspect net prior to use. See manufacturer for replacement or reorder.


• Lifting heavy cargo or materials
• Transporting bulk objects
• Hoisting materials on jobsites
• Hauling equipment
• Construction site material lifting
• Marine and ship cargo
• Rigging industry
• Safe loading and unloading

Stock Sizes

Cargo Lifting Net 11' x 11'6,000 lb. (3 ton)4 Point Loop5.9" meshBlue33 lb.CLN-1111
Cargo Lifting Net 20' x 20'4,000 lb. (2 ton)4 Point Loop3.9" meshWhite44 lb.CLN-2020
Cargo Lift Sling 4 Strap Sling6,800 lb. (3.4 ton)4 Point Strap & Hook1-1/2 x 3/8" strapRed / Green19 lb.CLN-SLING