Honeycomb Debris Net

HDN Series Construction & Demolition Vertical Debris Containment

Product Sheet


• Heavy duty woven polyester, honeycomb mesh debris netting
• Mesh size: 3/8" hole openings
• Net strength: 1,000 lb rating
• Color: Black, Grey, Tan, White
• Perimeter edges reinforced with 3" webbing, double stitching & grommets
• Meets ANSI A10.37 for debris containment during construction & demolition
• Complies with OSHA regulations for debris protection
• Extra UV inhibitors for added life expectancy
• Flame Retardant NFPA 701 approved


• Protects small & chunk debris from falling during construction & demolition
• Protects tools from falling
• Protects pedestrians & adjacent properties
• Provides leading edge protection
• Durable, reliable, long-lasting
• Available in black flame retardant
• All nets are tested and approved


• Construction & Demolition debris containment
• Vertical building construction
• Building restoration
• Construction elevator shafts
• Bridge construction, maintenance and repairs
• Tunnels and overpass construction
• Industrial plants & refineries
• Offshore oil rigs
• Marine ship repair industry

Stock Sizes

1,000 LB.3/8" Polyester HoneycombBlackBorder Webbing & Grommets Flame Retardant NFPA 701HDN-1000-FR1 Each818205022303
1,000 LB.3/8" Polyester HoneycombGrayBorder Webbing & Grommets Flame Retardant NFPA 701HDN-1000-FR1 Each818205022303