Cover Guard Surface Protection

CG Series Flame Retardant Temporary Surface Protection

Product Sheet


• High strength molded polyethylene surface protection
• Diamond Plate: 10 mil, 25 mil, 40 mil
• Smooth Finish: 30 mil
• Blue: Flame retardant NFPA 701 approved
• Orange: Non-flame retardant
• OSHA compliant for surface protection
• NAVSEA certified and approved
• Diamond plate anti-slip meets ASTM C 1028-07


• Provides temporary floor & surface protection
• Anti-slip
• Blue is Flame retardant NFPA 701 approved
• Puncture resistant
• Water resistant
• Easy to install and remove
• Reusable & recyclable

Product Overview

Cover Guard is a flame retardant protective surface cover used as on floors, decks, tiles, walkways and other surface areas during construction and maintenance. It is most commonly used to protect surface areas during general construction, restoration, ship repair, yacht repair, aviation and other military construction projects. Cover Guard is available is various thickness ranging from 10 mil - 40 mil and is available in smooth finish or diamond plate non-skid finish. This durable poly material is easy to handle, easy to cut and easy to move around on the job. All rolls of Cover Guard are tested and approved to meet industry standards and flame retardant standards.


• Marine shipbuilding, aircrafts, boats, yachts
• Building construction sites
• Hospitals, universities, government projects
• Utilities industry
• Restoration projects
• General construction

Stock Sizes

Blue FR10 mil36" x 393'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-1036DP16 rolls per pallet818205020859
Blue FR10 mil72" x 393'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-1072DP9 rolls per pallet818205020866
Blue FR13 mil36" x 360'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-1336DP16 rolls per pallet818205020873
Blue FR13 mil72" x 360'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-1372DP9 rolls per pallet818205020880
Blue FR25 mil36" x 180'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-2536DP12 rolls per pallet818205020965
Blue FR25 mil72" x 180'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-2572DP9 rolls per pallet818205020972
Blue FR30 mil36" x 100'Smooth FinishFlame RetardantCG-303610SF30 rolls per pallet818205020989
Blue FR40 mil36" x 120'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-4036DP9 rolls per pallet818205020996
Blue FR40 mil72" x 120'Diamond Plate Flame RetardantCG-4072DP9 rolls per pallet818205021009
Orange Non-FR10 mil36" x 393'Diamond PlateNon-Flame RetardantCG2-1036DP16 rolls per pallet818205020903
Orange Non-FR25 mil36" x 180'Diamond PlateNon-Flame RetardantCG2-2536DP12 rolls per pallet818205020927
Orange Non-FR25 mil72" x 180'Diamond PlateNon-Flame Retardant CG2-2572DP9 rolls per pallet818205020934
Orange Non-FR40 mil36" x 120'Diamond PlateNon-Flame RetardantCG2-4036DP9 rolls per pallet818205020941