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Scaf-Lite™ Scaffold Sheeting 12 MIL

SL Series 12 MIL Scaffold Wrap with Eyelet Band Reinforcements

Sheeting Estimator Product Sheet Guidelines


• Premium grade string reinforced polyethylene sheeting
• Manufactured with blue reinforced eyelet bands for fastening bungee ties
• 12 mil Heavy Duty
• Blue eyelet bands
• Pre-set eyelet holes spaced every 4" inch on eyelet bands
• Highly tear resistant reinforced sheeting
• Water resistant, mildew resistant
• Remains flexible in cold weather climates
• UV treated
• Reduces airborne silica exposure
• Clear Non-Flame Retardant (NON-FR)
• Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2


• Provides a total weather protection enclosure
• Provides a containment for dust & debris
• Increases temporary heating efficiencies
• Easy to install & remove with Eagle bungee ties
• Handles well in low or extreme temperatures
• Allows sunlight to transmit through
• Reduces TIME and LABOR during installation

Product Overview

Scaf-Lite Scaffold Sheeting is a premium grade string reinforced poly sheeting manufactured with innovative reinforced eyelet bands. The reinforced eyelet bands are laminated onto the sheeting and provide a quick, safe and secure method of installation by fastening the sheeting to scaffolding. Scaf-Lite Sheeting is designed to be installed with specialty bungee ties using the “Push, Pull, Hook” method. You simply push the pointed tip of the bungee tie through the eyelet holes staggered along the eyelet bands, You then pull the cord back towards the scaffold and the tie around the nearest scaffold structure To fasten, you simply use the toggle end wrap it ties back to the elastic cord. The process is very quick and efficient during installation. Scaf-Lite Sheeting is proven to save TIME, LABOR and ENERGY during installation. All sheeting rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All Eagle scaffold sheeting materials are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


• Protective scaffolding enclosure
• Building wrap
• Total weather protection
• Abatement enclosures
• Environmental containment
• Temporary heating enclosure
• Restoration and new construction enclosures
• Demolition, dust & debris control

Scaf-Lite Estimator

Stock Sizes

12 MIL7'4" x 136' NON-FRNon-Flame RetardantClear SL12-7413624 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL7'4" x 136' FRFlame RetardantWhite SL12-74136-FR24 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL8'6" x 100' FRFlame RetardantWhiteSL12-86100-FR25 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL13' x 100' NON-FRNon-Flame RetardantClearSL12-1310020 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL13' x 100' FRFlame RetardantWhiteSL12-13100-FR20 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL20' x 100' NON-FRNon-Flame RetardantClearSL12-2010012 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
12 MIL20' x 100' FRFlame RetardantWhiteSL12-20100-FR12 rolls per pallet *NEW FOLDING*
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Elastic Bungee Ties12" Bungee TieA-BUNGEE1,000 per case45 cases per pallet (45,000)
2" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL STANDARD2" x 180'TAPE-P7WHT224 per case36 cases per pallet (864)
4" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL STANDARD4" x 180'TAPE-P7WHT412 per case36 cases per pallet (432)
6" White Poly Tape 7.5 MIL STANDARD6" x 180'TAPE-P7WHT68 per case36 cases per pallet (288)
4" White Poly Tape 9 MIL PREMIUM4" x 180'TAPE-P9WHT212 per case36 cases per pallet (432)
Screw Lock Connector1" DiameterA-SCREWLOCK500 per case 84 cases per pallet (42,000)
Zipper Door Heavy Duty 54" x 72"A-ZIP54721 each1 each
Tilt device for optimal view