Pour-In-Place Netting

PPN Series Safety Net System for Building Construction Floor Openings

Product Sheet


• Made from high tenacity knotted nylon net
• Mesh size: 3.5" hole openings
• Net strength: 1,300 lb dynamic load rating
• Net sizes: 8' x 50' ft., 8' x 100' ft.
• Easy to cut net to size on the jobsite
• Complies with OSHA 1926.504(b)(4)


• Easy to install with nylon cable ties every 1' ft.
• Protect personnel from falling through concrete floor openings
• Contain tools, debris, and materials from falling through floor openings
• Netting used to cover stairway, elevator shaft, duct openings
• Easy to remove when net is no longer required


1. Lay the net across the opening and over the form, extending about two feet or until the netting reaches beyond the rebar on all sides.

2. Attach net with nylon cable ties to the rebar every 1 ft. as a temporary hold so that concrete may be poured around it.

3. When concrete is dry, the net is locked in place until the opening is no longer a hazard.

4. When the netting is no longer needed, removal is relatively quick and easy by cutting it away flush to the concrete.

Stock Sizes

8' x 50'Black3.5" hole openingsPPN-08501 Each818205022921
8' x 100'Black3.5" hole openingsPPN-081001 Each818205022914