Canvas Tarp Water Resistant

CAN Series Brown Canvas Tarpaulin Water Resistant

Product Sheet


• Heavy duty twill woven cotton canvas fabric
• 14 oz. fabric weight
• Brown color
• Water and mildew resistant
• 25 mil thickness
• Edges are folded and reinforced double stitching
• Grommets every 2 feet around perimeter edges
• All canvas tarps are cut sizes
• Stock sizes ready to ship
• Custom sizes made to order


• Durable industrial canvas fabric
• Water resistant treated
• Mildew resistant
• Grommets around the perimeter for tie down
• Reusable
• General purpose industrial grade tarp

Product Overview

Canvas Tarps are made from heavy duty twill woven cotton fabric. Canvas Tarps are most commonly used for industrial covers, construction tarps, offshore, oil field, scaffolding, shipbuilding, military, and general equipment covers. Canvas tarps are known for the toughness and durability. All Canvas tarps include reinforced edges with double stitching and grommets for tie down application . All canvas tarps are tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


• General Construction
• Equipment Covers
• Offshore
• Oil Field
• Scaffolding
• Marine Shipbuilding
• Military

Stock Sizes

Canvas Tarp Water Resistant8' x 10'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-08107 per case13 Cases / 104 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant10' x 12'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-10124 per case18 Cases / 72 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant10' x 20'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-10202 per case18 Cases / 36 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant12' x 12'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-12124 per case18 Cases / 72 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant12' x 16'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-12165 per case12 Cases / 60 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant20' x 20'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-20201 per case24 Cases / 24 pcs
Canvas Tarp Water Resistant20' x 30'14 oz.BrownCAN-WR-20301 per case18 Cases / 18 pcs