Heavy Duty Tarp FR

CTH Series Construction Tarp Heavy Duty FR, 10 Mil, 10x10 Weave

Product Sheet


• Heavy Duty FR Construction Tarp
• Woven coated polyethylene tarpaulin fabric
• 10 mil thickness
• 10x10 weave fabric
• White in color
• Flame Retardant NFPA 701 Test Method 2
• Aluminum grommets every 3' on all perimeter edges
• Aluminum grommets every 3' down center seams of the tarp
• Rope border in hem
• 2” hemmed edges with double stitching


• Temporary building enclosure during construction
• Protects workers from wind and weather
• Provide a containment for dust & debris
• Water-resistant fabric
• Easy to install, remove, tie down
• Maximum tie down points allows for secure installation

Product Overview

Construction Tarps are white flame retardant woven coated tarpaulins used for construction covers, building enclosure, containment, and weather protection on the jobsite. Construction Tarps have the texture and weave of blue poly tarps with far more advanced construction. Construction tarps are sewn and hemmed for high durability. All tarps include maximum attachment points around the edges and down the center of the tarp so it can be installed vertically and securely. Each corner of the tarp is reinforced to provide strength against wind loads and tensioning of the tarp. Construction Tarps tarp are available in Economy 6 Mil, Heavy Duty 10 Mil, Extreme 12 mil, and Ultra Strong 20 mil. Our full line provides adequate protection for all construction jobsites big or small. All Construction Tarps are are tested and approved to meet industrial and construction standards.


• General construction tarpaulin
• Building enclosure
• Weather protection
• Scaffolding tarp
• Temporary heating
• Abatement and demolition tarp
• Stucco and plastering tarp
• Tarp cover for equipment and materials

Stock Sizes

Heavy Duty Tarp FR 15' x 20'10 Mil10x10 WeaveWhite1 Seam in 20' DirectionNFPA 701 Test 2CTH-1520-FR6/Bale25 Bales (150 Tarps)818205025083
Heavy Duty Tarp FR 21' x 20'10 Mil10x10 WeaveWhite2 Seams in 20' DirectionNFPA 701 Test 2CTH-2120-FR4/Bale25 Bales (100 Tarps)818205025106
Heavy Duty Tarp FR 20' x 30'10 Mil10x10 WeaveWhite2 Seams in 20' DirectionNFPA 701 Test 2CTH-2030-FR3/Bale25 Bales (75 Tarps)818205025120