Demolition Tarps 8-Loops

DT Series 40 oz. Vinyl Demolition Debris & Roofing Tarp



• Construction Demo Tarp (8 Pt. Loops)
• 40 oz. Orange PVC coated vinyl fabric
• 4,000 lb maximum capacity
• 2" yellow criss-cross webbing for reinforcement
• 8 loop lifting design
• Perimeter edges reinforced with heat seal
• Lifts snow and clears the jobsite quickly & efficiently
• Heavy duty, tear resistant tarp fabric
• Weather resistant, mold & mildew resistant
• Quality stitching & fabrication
• Hand-crafted with quality workmanship


• Designed to collect & remove debris on construction jobsites & roofing projects
• Quickly & efficiently transport debris & materials
• Saves large amounts of time and labor hours
• Highly durable vinyl fabric is tear resistant
• Heavy duty webbing reinforcements provide durability
• Debris tarps are reusable, easy to deploy, easy fold and store away

Product Overview

Eagle Demolition Tarps are designed to collect and lift construction debris & roofing materials from construction jobsites for up to 4,000 lbs. Demolition Tarps are manufactured using extra heavy duty 40 oz. PVC coated vinyl fabric. Each tarp is extra stitched and reinforced with cross-cross strap webbing for lifting support. Eagle's 8-Point Demolition Tarps are made using heavy duty 2" webbing with (8) lifting loop straps in each corner and one each side. The outer perimeter of all debris tarps are hemmed and double stitched for durability.

Demolition Tarps are most commonly used on construction projects, demolition projects & roofing projects. Also known as "tear off tarps", debris tarps used to collect the torn off roofing shingles & insulation on commercial & residential roofs. Using cranes or front end loader equipment, the debris tarps are used to lift and transport the debris on the jobsite. This allows contractors to clear the jobsite quicker and more efficiently. Demolition tarps are a great solution that reduces labor and time during the construction clean up process.

* Manufactured for lifting general jobsite debris
* Never use a damaged, torn or ripped tarp
* Criss-cross webbing must always face down when being used
* Never stand under a demolition tarp that is in use
* Never lift a tarp above workers, pedestrians, equipment or areas containing personnel


• Quickly & efficiently clear the jobsite of construction debris
• Use to haul roofing materials
• Used to collect demolition debris & waste materials

10' x 10' 8 Lifting Loops40 oz. PVC Coated Vinyl OrangeYellow Heavy Duty WebbingDT-1010-L840 Tarps818205026097
12' x 12' 8 Lifting Loops40 oz. PVC Coated Vinyl OrangeYellow Heavy Duty WebbingDT-1212-L830 Tarps818205026103
15' x 15' 8 Lifting Loops40 oz. PVC Coated Vinyl OrangeYellow Heavy Duty WebbingDT-1515-L820 Tarps818205026110
20' x 20' 8 Lifting Loops40 oz. PVC Coated Vinyl OrangeYellow Heavy Duty WebbingDT-2020-L812 Tarps818205026127