Dust Collectors

DC Series Environmental Dust Collector Units

Product Sheet


• CFM Units: 6,000, 12,000, 20,000, 40,000
• Units designed for maximum dust & particle collection
• Safely captures crystalline silica dust
• High volume air flow designs
• 99.8% efficiency at 0.5 micron pleated filters
• High-powered waste disposing auger
• DOT approved trailer
• Skid mount units are available for purchase


• Reduces help airborne dust particulate within the work environment
• Reduces airborne silica dust to assist in worker safety
• Improves work efficiency in manufacturing facilitates
• Improves work efficiency on abrasive blasting projects
• Improves work efficiency on abatement projects
• Reliable, highly durable
• Quality equipment fabrication & workmanship
• Made in USA

Product Overview

Dust Collectors are high-powered machines built for maximum dust and waste collection. These machines are designed to suck air through non-collapsible ducting, sending the air through sets of pleated micron filters. These filters will insure that 99.98% of particulate .5 microns will not exit through the exhaust system. As a result, airborne dust will be filtered and other waste and debris will fall and remain inside the machine. The high-powered auger inside will continuously move the hazardous debris through the exit portal to be disposed in hazardous waste barrels. Eagle’s Dust Collectors are for rental and for purchase, so try one on your next industrial or construction project!

Stock Sizes

6,000 CFMIsuzo 3CE1 - 1.5L(2) 16" duct ports9 top loading cartridges2,340 sq. ft.9' x 8' x 16'4,200 lbs.DC-06
12,000 CFMIsuzo 4LE1 - 2.2L / 55 HP (4) 16" duct ports18 top loading cartridges4,680 sq. ft.9'8" x 8' x 22'8,000 lbs.DC-12
20,000 CFMJohn Deere 4045 - 4.5L / 74 HP(4) 20" duct ports27 top loading cartridges7,020 sq. ft.9'8" x 8' x 28'13,000 lbs.DC-20
40,000 CFMJohn Deere 6068 - 6.8L / 135 HP(6) 20" duct ports60 top loading cartridges15,600 sq. ft.11'10" x 8' x 32'20,000 lbs.DC-40