Reinforced Dumpster Liner

DL Series Reinforced Drawstring Dumpster Liner

Product Sheet


• Woven coated reinforced poly liner
• 6 mil thickness
• 8x8 weave tarpaulin fabric
• Form-fitted with reinforced edges & corners
• Built-in drawstring rope
• Used to line dumpsters, containers, rail cars
• Liner sizes: 22’ x 8’ x 8’ and 22’ x 8’ x 12’


• Easy to install and remove
• Drawing secures liner in place during loading or windy conditions
• Reinforced plastic helps contain debris & waste
• Excellent leak protection
• No tape or tie-down strap required
• Roll off containers, dump trailers, box cars, etc.
• Containment for abatement, demolition & debris
• Extends the life of the container

Product Overview

Eagle Drawstring Dumpster Liners are secure liners that stay in place during heavy loading or windy conditions and help you contain debris and waste on the jobsite. Eagle Drawstring Dumpster Liners are easy to install and remove as no tape or tie-down straps are needed. The drawstring feature secures the liner to the dumpster or container so that it is form-fitting. The strong woven coated poly is leakproof and highly tear-resistant extending the life of your container. They come in multiple sizes to that the liner is sure to fit your container as you see fit.


• Construction debris management
• Renovation, demolition & abatement
• Industrial & commercial facilities
• Hazardous material containment

DUMPSTER LINER22' X 8' X 8'20 & 30 YARD CONTAINER6 MILWHITEDL-22080810 BALES, 50 PCS818205026004
DUMPSTER LINER22' X 8' X 12'40 YARD CONTAINER6 MILWHITEDL-22081210 BALES, 50 PCS818205026011