Debris Netting

DN Series 1/16" Scaffolding Enclosure & Vertical Debris Protection

Debris Netting Sheet Premium Netting Sheet


• High density knitted polyethylene mesh netting
• 1/16” Standard Grade
• 1/32” Premium Grade
• Reinforced eyelet holes for fastening
• UV protection for sunlight exposure
• Tear resistant
• Mold and mildew resistant
• Made from 100% high quality virgin material
• FR = Flame Retardant NFPA 701
• NFR = Non-Flame Retardant


• Jobsite protection
• Worker and pedestrian safety
• Drop object prevention
• Passive fall protection
• Scaffolding enclosure
• Construction windscreen
• Visual barrier for hazard safety
• Will not unravel when cut
• Allows air to pass through
• Remains flexible in cold weather

Product Overview

Debris Netting is a 1/16” knitted mesh material commonly used for scaffolding enclosures, guardrail debris protection, wind screen or shade cloths. Debris netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum life expectancy. The knitted mesh design provides containment of small and chunk debris and is highly tear resistant. Debris netting rolls include finished hemmed edges with reinforced eyelet button holes for fastening allowing for an easy, safe and secure installation. All netting rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All Eagle Debris netting is tested and approved to meet the standards in the industrial and construction industry.


• Scaffolding enclosure
• Vertical debris protection
• Guardrail safety barrier
• Construction windscreen
• Demolition and debris control
• Building wrap
• Floor-to-ceiling netting
• Event netting and stage fencing
• Shade cloth mesh

Stock Sizes

Debris Netting 4’ x 150’ Black Flame RetardantDN-04150-BLK-FR50 Rolls818205021153
Debris Netting 4’ x 150’ Blue Flame RetardantDN-04150-BLU-FR50 Rolls818205021160
Debris Netting4' x 150'Orange Flame RetardantDN-04150-ORG-FR50 Rolls818205021177
Debris Netting 8’ x 150’Black Non-Flame RetardantDN-08150-BLK24 Rolls818205021184
Debris Netting 8’ x 150’ Black Flame RetardantDN-08150-BLK-FR24 Rolls818205021191
Debris Netting 8’6” x 150’ Black Non-Flame RetardantDN-86150-BLK24 Rolls818205025359
Debris Netting 8’6” x 150’ Black Flame RetardantDN-86150-BLK-FR24 Rolls818205021351
Debris Netting NY/NJ 8’6” x 150’ Black / Orange StripesFlame RetardantDNN-86150-BLK-FRST24 Rolls818205025625
Debris Netting 8’6” x 150’ Black / Orange StripesFlame RetardantDN-86150-BLK-FRST24 Rolls818205021368
Debris Netting 8’6” x 150’ Black / Orange StripesFlame RetardantDN-86150-WHT-FRST24 Rolls818205025373
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’ Black Non-Flame RetardantDN-10150-BLK24 Rolls818205021207
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’BlackFlame RetardantDN-10150-BLK-FR24 Rolls818205021214
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’Blue Flame RetardantDN-10150-BLU-FR24 Rolls818205021221
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’Tan Flame RetardantDN-10150-TAN-FR24 Rolls818205021269
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’Green Flame RetardantDN-10150-GRN-FR24 Rolls818205021238
Debris Netting10’ x 150’Red Flame RetardantDN-10150-RED-FR24 Rolls818205021252
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’OrangeFlame RetardantDN-10150-ORG-FR24 Rolls818205025670
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’PurpleFlame RetardantDN-10150-PUR-FR24 Rolls818205021245
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’ White Non-Flame RetardantDN-10150-WHT24 Rolls818205021276
Debris Netting 10’ x 150’White Flame RetardantDN-10150-WHT-FR24 Rolls818205021283
Debris Netting 12' x 150’ Black Non-Flame RetardantDN-12150-BLK24 Rolls818205021290
Debris Netting 12' x 150’ Black Flame RetardantDN-12150-BLK-FR24 Rolls818205021306
Debris Netting 12' x 150’ White Flame RetardantDN-12150-WHT-FR24 Rolls818205021313
Debris Netting 12' x 300’ Black Flame RetardantDN-12300-BLK-FR9 Rolls818205021320
Debris Netting 17' x 200’ Black Flame RetardantDN-17200-BLK-FR9 Rolls818205025922
Debris Netting 20’ x 200’ Black Flame RetardantDN-20200-BLK-FR9 Rolls818205021344
Premium Debris Netting 10' x 150' Black Flame RetardantDNP-10150-BLK-FR24 Rolls 818205021399
Premium Debris Netting 10' x 150' Green Flame RetardantDNP-10150-GRN-FR24 Rolls 818205021405