String Reinforced Poly

SP Series Square Scrim Pattern Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Product Sheet


• High strength polyethylene film
• Square pattern tear resistant reinforced scrim
• Mil Thickness: 6 MIL and 10 MIL
• Weather resistant reinforced poly
• Mold & mildew resistant plastic
• Remains flexible in cold weather climates
• Clear Non-Flame Retardant (NON-FR)
• Flame Retardant (FR) meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2


• Creates temporary walls & covers
• Creates a temporary weather enclosure
• Provides a containment for dust & debris
• Increases temporary heating efficiency
• Material is flexible, easy to handle & easy to install
• Durable and reusable
• Handles well in low temperatures
• Allows sunlight to transmit through
• Helps contain dust, debris and airborne particulates during construction

Product Overview

Eagle String reinforced poly sheeting is made from high strength polyethylene film manufactured with a tear resistant internal scrim reinforcement. Reinforced poly is used for various applications including construction enclosures, temporary containment, abatement covers, ground covers and underlayment. Poly sheeting may be installed vertically using scaffold wind clips, bungees ties, tie wire, wood furring strips or fastening directly to a building or structure. All poly rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All Eagle reinforced poly sheeting is tested and approved to meet today’s industrial and construction standards.


• Temporary building enclosures
• Construction wrap
• Weather enclosure
• Abatement covers
• Containment covers
• Ground cover & underlayment
• Temporary heating enclosure
• Demolition, dust & debris control

Non-FR String Reinforced Poly

Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL10' x 100'Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-1010050 Rolls818205023867
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly 6 MIL12' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-1210040 Rolls818205023874
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL16' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-1610032 Rolls818205023881
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL20' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-2010024 Rolls818205023898
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL24' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-2410020 Rolls
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL32' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-3210015 Rolls818205023928
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL 40' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP6-4010012 Rolls818205023935
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly10 MIL 20' x 100' Non-Flame RetardantClearSP10-2010015 Rolls818205023805

Flame Retardant String Reinforced Poly

Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL10' x 100'Flame Retardant NFPA 701Milky WhiteSP6-10100-FR50 Rolls
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL20' x 100'Flame Retardant NFPA 701Milky WhiteSP6-20100-FR24 Rolls
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly6 MIL40' x 100'Flame Retardant NFPA 701Milky WhiteSP6-40100-FR12 Rolls
Square Scrim Reinforced Poly10 MIL20' x 100'Flame Retardant NFPA 701Milky WhiteSP10-20100-FR15 Rolls