Containment Funnels

Custom Containment Tarp Funnels


• Contain and dispose of environmentally sensitive waste and debris
• Funnels can be made from Airbag nylon, polypropylene or vinyl tarp fabrics
• Webbing & grommets on all perimeter edges & internal seams
• Quality stitching & fabrication
• Custom made to order
• UV treated
• Flame retardant fabric available


• Help collect paints chips, overspray, blast media, debris
• Protects harmful or hazardous debris from entering the environment
• Lead paint removal
• Asbestos abatement
• Provides an easy and effective containment chute for debris and waste

Product Overview

Funnels are custom fabricated containment chutes that are made from nylon, vinyl, polypropylene and various other industrial fabrics. Funnels can be simple in their design or they can be complexly engineered to fit the toughest of applications. Funnels are primarily designed for two purposes: 1.) to contain and dispose environmentally sensitive waste and debris, and 2.) to collect and reuse existing materials such blasting abrasives and paint products. Funnels are highly flexible and can be custom made to fit any project or application that includes collecting, disposing, or reusing industrial materials and waste.


• Asbestos abatement projects
• Industrial painting/coating containment
• Sandblasting projects
• Bridges, water towers & storage tanks
• Plants & refineries
• Steel structures
• Lead paint removal