Drop Object Prevention Mat

DOM Series Drop Object Prevention Safety Mat

Product Sheet


• Dropped object prevention safety mat
• Made from heavy duty black vinyl mesh
• 1/16" mesh openings
• Grip-like texture for holding mat in place
• Bright yellow vinyl border for perimeter visibility
• Quality sewing for strength and durability
• Perimeter grommets for tie down application
• Flame retardant NFPA 701
• UV resistant for exposure to sunlight
• Custom Sizes Available


• Used as a temporary work mats for drop prevention
• Prevents small tools, fasteners & foreign objects falling from elevated work platforms
• Helps contain nuts, bolts, fasteners from falling at heights
• Creates a safer workplace environment
• Reduces downtime and risk of worker injury
• Flame retardant fabric for protection in heat sensitive areas
• Easy to deploy, fold, and reuse

Product Overview

Dropped Objects are among the top 10 causes of fatality and serious injury on the jobsite. Worker safety and drop prevention are top priorities in the industrial, construction and manufacturing markets. Eagle Drop Mats provide solutions to help mitigate potential accidents from dropped objects and falling debris. Drop Object Prevention Mat (DOM) is made from custom fabricated heavy duty debris netting. Drop Mats are made using black vinyl coated mesh and bright yellow vinyl webbing border for perimeter visibility. Stainless steel grommets are added for tie down application. Each mat is sewn using lock stitch thread for strength and durability. All Drop Prevention Mats are Flame Retardant NFPA 701 tested and compliant. Industrial facilities bear a lot of risk areas for dropped objects. High risk areas include scaffolding, pipe racks, elevated work platforms, metal grating, cat walks, and areas under routine maintenance and construction. Ways to reduce the risk of falling objects is to install a comprehensive safety program including Eagle Debris Netting, Safety Nets, Tarps, Sheeting and Containment Solutions. Now most importantly, the introduction of Eagle Drop Object Prevention Mats.


1.) Used for small dropped objects and debris only. Not to be used for large or heavy debris.
2.) Never use for lifting/hauling debris or materials.
3.) Never use as a personnel safety net for fall protection.
4.) Recommended use on flat surface area or metal grating. Bungee hooks may be used for temporary tie down. If installed vertically, all grommets must be securely fastened and tied off.
5.) Product is flame retardant, not fireproof. Never use as a blanket or curtain for welding, cutting, or hot works.
6.) Inspect each mat before use. Do not use with tears, rips, or product deficiencies. Discard immediately and contact Eagle Industries for re-order quantity.
7.) Drop Prevention Mats are used to "prevent" objects from falling. There is no guarantee that objects will never drop or fall from heights.
8.) Multiple factors restrict or limit the use including the application, installation, appropriate mat size, worker safety, competence, awareness, area inspection, etc.


• Elevated work platforms
• Metal grating
• Walkways and catwalks
• Oil & gas, refineries, power plants
• Offshore platforms, rigs, terminals
• Marine & shipbuilding industry
• Industrial turnaround & maintenance projects
• Manufacturing facilities

Drop Object Prevention Mat3' x 8'Black Mesh Yellow Border With GrommetsFlame Retardant NFPA 701DOM-0308-FR818205024789
Drop Object Prevention Mat4' x 8'Black Mesh Yellow Border With GrommetsFlame Retardant NFPA 701DOM-0408-FR818205024796
Drop Object Prevention Mat6' x 8'Black Mesh Yellow Border With GrommetsFlame Retardant NFPA 701DOM-0608-FR818205024802
Drop Object Prevention Mat8' x 8'Black Mesh Yellow Border With GrommetsFlame Retardant NFPA 701DOM-0808-FR818205024772
Drop Object Prevention MatCustom SizeBlack Mesh Yellow Border With GrommetsFlame Retardant NFPA 701DOM-0000-FR