Heavy Duty Debris Net

HDN Series Construction & Demolition Debris Containment

Product Sheet


• High tenacity knotless polypropylene net with debris liner
• Base net: 2" and 2.5” square nets
• Debris net liner: 3/8" or 1/16"options
• Net Options: 2,000 lb., 5,000 lb., 10,000 lb. rating
• Border edges reinforced with 3" webbing, double stitching & grommets
• Meets ANSI A10.37 for debris containment during construction & demolition
• Complies with OSHA regulations for debris protection
• Extra UV inhibitors for added life expectancy
• Flame Retardant nets available & made to order


• Protects small & chunk debris from falling during construction & demolition
• Protects tools from falling
• Protects pedestrians & adjacent properties
• Provides leading edge protection
• Abrasion resistant, heavy duty 2-layer mesh
• Available in black, gray and tan
• All nets are tested and approved

Product Overview

Eagle Heavy Debris Containment Nets are made from high tenacity 2.5” knotless polypropylene and tested to meet construction industry standards. Debris containment nets are most commonly used during vertical building construction, bridge construction, petrochemical construction, marine industrial construction, and aviation. Eagle debris nets include debris net liners for containment purposes. Debris net liners are available in 3/8" polyester netting or 1/16” debris netting. The edges are built with reinforced webbing and grommets which allows for an easy, safe and secure installation. All Eagle Heavy Debris nets meet ANSI A10.37 for debris containment for construction & demolition. They are also OSHA compliant and tested to meet to today’s industrial and construction standards. All debris containment debris nets should be attached to an approved cable system or in conjunction with an approved debris net outrigger system.


• Construction & Demolition debris containment
• Vertical building construction
• Building restoration
• Construction elevator shafts
• Bridge construction, maintenance and repairs
• Tunnels and overpass construction
• Industrial plants & refineries
• Offshore oil rigs
• Marine ship repair industry

Stock Sizes

2,000 LB.Black, Gray, Tan2" Knotless Polypropylene Net70% Debris Liner (3/8" Optional)Border Webbing & Grommets HDN-20001 Each818205022310
5,000 LB.Black, Gray, Tan2.5" Knotless Polypropylene Net70% Debris Liner (3/8" Optional)Border Webbing & Grommets HDN-50001 Each818205022334
10,000 LB.Black, Gray, Tan2.5" Knotless Polypropylene Net70% Debris Liner (3/8" Optional)Border Webbing & Grommets HDN-100001 Each818205022280