Burlap Curing Blanket

BUR Series Burlap Curing Blanket

Burlap Curing Blanket


• Burlap fabric made from jute hessian cloth
• Premium weave for strength & durability
• 7 oz. & 10 oz. weight
• 40", 60", 72" roll size
• Color is natural tan
• Reinforced edge reduces fraying
• Rolled tight & stacked on pallets for distribution
• Complies with AASHTO M182 Class II and III


• Wet concrete curing for construction sites
• Used to cure concrete on roads, highways, bridges, decks, barriers, sidewalks, and vertical formwork
• Easy to unroll, easy to cut
• Fabric is adsorbent and holds in moisture
• Burlap is 100% biodegradable, more eco-friendly than plastic solutions
• Burlap is made from natural jute fibers and contains no synthetic fibers
• Course & rough, burlap is ideal for construction jobsite

Product Overview

Eagle Burlap Curing Blankets are weaved from premium jute fibers for wet concrete curing process on construction sites. Water is sprayed onto semi-hardened concrete and the burlap laid out and sprayed again for moisture retention. Their coarse jute texture is ideal for curing expansive concrete areas and suits construction sites perfectly. Burlap textile is 100% biodegradable, which presents an eco-friendly alternative to plastic solutions. Each roll is manufactured with consistent quality and for added strength both long edges includes reinforced hems to minimize fraying. Burlap rolls are tightly packed and stacked on pallets for distribution. Burlap Curing Blankets meet AASHTO M182 Class II and III requirements for concrete curing.


• Used for wet concrete curing
• Freshly poured concrete
• Interstates & highway projects
• Bridge & overpass projects
• Decks, slabs, concrete surfaces
• Retaining walls & concrete columns
• Vertical concrete construction


7 OZ BURLAP40" X 100 YDS1,000 SQFTBUR7-4010020 ROLLS818205025939
7 OZ BURLAP60" X 100 YDS1,500 SQFTBUR7-6010020 ROLLS818205025946
7 OZ BURLAP72" X 100 YDS1,800 SQFTBUR7-7210020 ROLLS818205025953


10 OZ BURLAP40" X 100 YDS3.3' X 300'BUR10-4010020 ROLLS818205025984
10 OZ BURLAP60" X 100 YDS5' X 300'BUR10-6010020 ROLLS818205025977
10 OZ BURLAP72" X 100 YDS6' X 300'BUR10-7210020 ROLLS818205025960