Heat Shrink Gun

Product Description

• Eagle Heat Shrink Gun, Shrinkfast #998

• Complete kit includes regulator, 25 ft. propane hose and protective carrying case

• Heat capacity: 134,000 to 212,000 BTU of power

• Gun weight: 2.2 lbs.

• Lightweight, sleek design, easy to use

• Used for application of industrial grade shrink wrap, boat wrap and packaging shrink wrap

Stock Sizes

Heat Shrink Gun Kit includes regulator, 25 ft. hose, carrying caseA-SHRINKGUN1 Per Box50 Boxes818205020170
2' ft. Extension Extension handleA-SHRINKGUN-EXT21 Per BoxCall Eagle
4' ft. Extension Extension handleA-SHRINKGUN-EXT41 Per BoxCall Eagle
6' ft. Extension Extension handleA-SHRINKGUN-EXT61 Per BoxCall Eagle