Negative Air Units

Portable HEPA Air Filtration

Novair 1000 Novair 2000 Ultra Clean 700 Ultra Clean 2000


• Novair 1000, Novair 2000, UltraClean 700, UltraClean 2000
• Lightweight, rugged, heavy duty durable designs
• Units made with wheels and skids for easy and safe transport
• Seamless construction guarantees leak proof operation
• Easily replaceable general purpose filters
• Custom controls and features available upon request
• HEPA Rating of: 99.97% efficiency against, 0.3 micron particles


• Smooth, consistent air flow
• Small footprint, perfect for tight areas
• Filters available for hazardous materials or nuisance dust
• Full feature HEPA air purification and pressure control units
• Designed for high power portability and leak proof operation
• Easy to clean and decontaminate

Product Overview

Eagle's negative air units are provide the work space with a powerful, reliable HEPA air filtration system. The NOVAIR 1000 and 2000 series are built with a rugged, polyurethane shelll, for durability through transportation. These units allow for a consistent airflow of 1,000 cfm and 2,000 cfm respectively. The UltraClean 700 and 2000 series are built with an aluminum, rust resistant housing. These units allow for a consistent airflow of 2,000 cfm and 700 cfm respectively. All of Eagle's negative air units provide HEPA filtration which removes airborne particles down to 0.3 microns, which result 99.97% efficiency. The units are the ideal solution when air filtration is needed for use in abatement, hospitals, air scrubbing, or anywhere where dust is a concern.


• Lead abatement
• Hospitals
• Air scrubbing
• Dust removal
• Contaminated areas

Stock Sizes

Novair 1000Rugged Polyurethane81 lbs20" x 23" x 40"3/4-Horse power motor, 2-speed control1,000 CFM115 volt, 5 amp, 60 Hz16" x 16" standard
Novair 2000Rugged Polyurethane135 lbs37" x 26" x 31"2-Horse power motor, 2-speed control2,000 CFM115 volt, 15 amp, 60 Hz24" x 24" standard
UltraClean 700Rust Resistant Aluminum67 lbs33" x 18" x 18"1/4-Horse power motor, 2-speed control 700 CFM115 volt, 3.3 amp, 60 Hz12" x 12" standard
UltraClean 2000Rust Resistant Aluminum160 lbs37.75" x 26.5" x 31.25"1.75-Horse power motor, 2-speed control2,000 CFM115 volt, 20 amp, 60 Hz24" x 24" standard