Blasting Air Dryers

Portable Compressed Air Drying Systems

Product Sheet


• CFM Models: 250, 400, 800, 1200, 1600
• Skid-mounted for forklift access and trandsportation
• Air motor with filter, regulator, muffler
• Dry-O-Lite desiccant
• Air motor for after-cooler
• Manual drain valve


• Improves mobile blasting
• Reduces wet compressed air that clogs blasting pots
• Reduces rust from forming in the pots
• Increases quality of the blasted substrate
• Increases blasting profitability
• Easy to move by forklift
• Mounted lugs allows for easy lifting purposes

Product Overview

Blasting air dryers are forklift accessible, portable air drying systems that are ideal for blasting operations. Wet compressed air often clogs blasting pots and decreases the quality of the blasted substrate by putting moisture back on the surface. This moisture then turns into rust which will result in re-work of corrosive blasting. These Blast Paks are designed to cool hot and wet air discharged from the compressor. Next, the compressed air passes through the drying vessel, which contains a specially formulated desiccant called Dry-O-Lite. This desiccant cuts the humidity of the air roughly in half. Finally, air flows through an after-filter to trap any fine particulate matter suspended in the air flow.


• Abrasive blasting operations
• Plant & refinery maintenance
• Industrial painting & coatings
• Fabrication yards
• Marine ship repair & drydocks